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Chapter 0: Introduction

Chapter 1: What is BandChain

Chapter 1

What is BandChain

Estimated time: 5 mins

BandChain is a high-performance public blockchain build for data oracles using Cosmos-SDK that allows anyone to make a request for APIs and services available on the traditional web.

BandChain is designed to modularize and offload the heavy and resource-intensive tasks, such as fetching data from external sources, from a smart contract platform onto itself to prevent such tasks from congesting or causing high transaction fees on the destination network.

BandChain allows developers to query a wide range of data types. From on-chain data such as token balances and transaction data to off-chain data such asset prices, sports scores, flight statuses and weather conditions. If the data is available on the web, BandChain is essentially able to retrieve it.



What is BandChain?

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